KARPAGAM Journal of Computer Science (ISSN : 0973-2926)

Authors : J. Lekha

These are several methods of exchanging secret keys among the systems on the wireless sensor network. Because of its high chance of vulnerability most of the existing methods have security against only any one of the security mechanisms but not all. So we propose a multi secure approach which combines more than one protection mechanism. The aim of this approach is to distribute secret keys among the nodes on dynamic wireless sensor networks called Network Coding Approach. Existing methods for distributing keys in static wireless sensor networks which does not have extensibility. They are 1) Public key distribution 2) KDC 3) Key Predistribution. The drawback of existing static method is that it creates network traffic when the existing predistributed keys have been exhausted. The server node is subjected to single point of attack which results in failure of network. We extend one of the existing methods along with the proposed system. The proposed coding approach of achieving security mechanisms contain 1) client to server pairwise key distribution 2) mutual key distribution 3) node blocking. The server S node bootstraps the network and act as key enabler. We concentrate on authentication of server node for some single point of attack. Thus the approach is said to prove in confidentiality, authentication and also reliability. Our results include performance evaluation with other existing mechanisms such as Hybrid approach; Tree based approach and using some security metrics and resource utilization it is proven to be best.