KARPAGAM Journal of Computer Science (ISSN : 0973-2926)

Analysis and Development of Fuzzy PI Control for L-type Zero current Quasi Resonant Converter fed DC Drive
Authors : M.Ranjani

An L-type Quasi resonant converter is used for the speed control of a DC motor. DC-DC converters are widely used in applications such as power supplies, car auxiliary power supplies, servo motor drives and medical equipments. The buck quasi resonant converter is an improved form of dc- dc converter. In this paper ZCS-QRC fed DC drive is modeled and simulated and is found that the ZCS-QRC fed DC drive with fuzzy logic controller has several advantages than the PI closed loop control. The performance of the Fuzzy L-type ZCS- QRC has several advantages than the conventional methods such as Phase controlled converters, DC choppers and PWM converters. The objective of this work is to develop Fuzzy logic control (FLC) for the L-type ZCS-QRC using MATLAB software. The simulation results are presented and evaluated. They validate that the Fuzzy logic control developed yields superior performance than the conventional PI control.