KARPAGAM Journal of Computer Science (ISSN : 0973-2926)

Authors : A.Kamaraj,C.Kalyana Sundaram & J.Senthil Kumar

FIR filters are being designed using HDL languages to enhance the speed of the system. In the whole system if the speed of the individual block is enhanced, the overall speed of the system is enhanced. In order to attain effective utilization hardware is done by applying the pipelining technique. Pipelining is an implementation technique in which multiple instructions are overlapped in execution. The proposed design of this paper is an attempt to optimize the system speed with minimal cost and hardware. The central design concept is to build filters with higher operating frequency without sacrificing the performance of original filters. To enhance system speed and reducing implementation complexity, a lot of work has been done in the process of achieving digital signal processing by use of the FPGA. In a filter the pipelining of multiplication is achieved by shifts and addition method. This paper describes the design of Third order low pass FIR filter with pipelined architecture. The design synthesis is done using Xilinx ISE 12.1 and implemented in Spartan-3E FPGA. By pipelining the delay of FIR filters can be reduced. Pipelined technique may reduce delay and enhances speed as compared to non-pipelined technique.