KARPAGAM Journal of Computer Science (ISSN : 0973-2926)

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An Evolutionary Computing Approach for Multi-layer Connectionist system

Authors: Priti Srinivas Sajja

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Applying Molecular Computation to Construct Reliable Cryptosystems

Authors: S.Anbarasu & Ponnammal Natarajanz

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Association Rule Mining of Bit Map Transactions using Transaction Reduction, Modified Graph and Partitioned Approaches

Authors: Muthukumar.A & Nadarajan R

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Centralized Security Warning Model For Reducing The Cost of Security Holes Vulnerability

Authors: Ms.Jomy John & Mr. Madhu S Nair

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Collision Detection using Improved Ray Tracing

Authors: 'Raghavendra R.J & S.C Desai

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Direct Indexing And Pruning (Dip)- A New Index Based Algorithm Using Association Rule Mining

Authors: E.R.Naganthan, F.Ramesh Dhanaseelan & M.Thangaraj

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Improvements to Security Enhancement for a Dynamic Id-based Remote User Authentication Scheme

Authors: Mrs.C.Shoba Bindu, Dr.P.Chandra Sekhar Reddy & Dr.B.Satya Narayana

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Password Authentication Using Graphical Images: A Review Article

Authors: Manu Pratap Singh, Ashish Chaturvedi & Supriya Gupta

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Secure Multicast Communiation in Grid Environment using Modified LeaSel Algorithm

Authors: Mary Vennila S, Vinoth C, Vinoth G, Sankaranarayanan V & Rhymend Uthariaraj V

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Transport Layer Protocol Exploitation Attempts for DoS/DDoS Attacks:Issues and Challenges

Authors: V Anil Kumar, G K Patra, R P Thangavelu, Antaryami Sahu & P S Jayalekshmy

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