KARPAGAM Journal of Computer Science (ISSN : 0973-2926)

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Design of state space controller and observer for the stabilization of linear time invariant discrete system using genetic algorithm

Authors: J Suganthi & S N Sivanandam

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Image Enhancement of Shifted JPEG with an Adapted Quantisation Matrix for Low Vision Viewers

Authors: K.Sivakami Sundari & Dr V.Sadasivam

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Issues Related to Quality of Service(QoS) and Security in Manet : A Survey

Authors: R.K. Gnanamurthy & K. Sankaranarayanan

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Mining Association Rules Using an Effectual Dynamic Hashing Algorithm

Authors: A.V.Senthil Kumar & Dr.R:S.D.Wahidabanu

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Particle Swarm Optimization with Dynamically Reducing Inertia to Solve the Static Task Assignment Problem

Authors: P Visalakshi & A.Bhuvaneswari

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Qualitative Parametric Comparative Analysis and Mlodehng of the Performance Evaluation Techniques in Parallel Systems

Authors: Amit Chhabra & Gurvinder Singh

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VLSI Circuit 'resting with Fuzzy Fault Analysis to Improve Fault Coverage and Test Compaction

Authors: Chinnathambi Thiyagarajan & P.M.Sen

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