KARPAGAM Journal of Computer Science (ISSN : 0973-2926)

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An Analysis of Bayesian and NonBayesian Functions for Motif Detection using Genetic Algorithm

Authors: V.Bhuvaneswari & Nusrath.A

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An Empirical Study of a Model for Ad Hoc Mobile Networks using Cluster-Based Intrusion Detection Technique

Authors: A.Marimuthu & Dr.A.Shanmugam

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Association rule based Closed Frequent Item set Algorithm (CFIA) for Chess dataset

Authors: E.Ramaraj, R.Gokulakrishnan & K.Rameshkumar

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Face Detection in Color Images using Pixel-based Skin Color Detection Techniques

Authors: Ravi Subban

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Managing Software Risk- A Lifecycle Approach

Authors: R. A. Khan & K. Mustafa

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Non Linear Cellular Automata in Improving the Quality of Clustering For Medical Image Processing

Authors: P.KIRan Sree, Dr I Ramesh Babu & N.S.S.S.N Usha Devi

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Packet Dropping Alleviation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks by Power Saving AODV

Authors: R.Gunasekaran, V.P.Divya, S.Sharanya & Dr.V.Rhymend Uthariaraj

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Two Region Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Two Capacity Interacting Nonlinear Level Process

Authors: N.Jaya, D.Sivakumar & R.Anandanatarajan

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